Welcome to the Tabernacle 2017

Pembroke Story and The Dolly Mixtures

The Pembroke Story has found its home in The Tabernacle URC. It is a community project that celebrates the people of Pembroke and their experiences and memories that have shaped our community.

Family and community are still strong in Pembroke. 'Within living memory' covers a span of more than a hundred years, and so people's memories, experiences and stories are recorded here both to celebrate lives and to share them with as many people as possible. The project is run by volunteers who have worked passionately to collect the many memories presented in the exhibition of pictures and stories at the Tabernacle.

Alongside the physical exhibition, the Pembroke Story group has collated this information on the Pembroke Story website and created an incredible online museum where you can find detailed images, sound recordings and videos which allow us to see, hear and experience the diverse history of Pembroke.

Monthly 'memory sharing' events take place in the Tabernacle meeting room in order to continue gathering information and photographs, listen to each other, and learn about times past. In the main chapel area a variety of photographic displays can be seen ranging from old Main Street images to Town Walls and burgage plot information.

The Tabernacle’s involvement with this community group began with the Dolly Mixture Project which aimed to collect a visual history of the buildings and business of Pembroke through contributions from local people.  The Dolly Mixture Project marked the beginning of the Tabernacle URC’s involvement in heritage and community projects that has now become a core part of our mission. We are so excited to see the growth of the Pembroke Story and its immense benefits for both the people now and future generations who will have an unparalleled record of the recent past.

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